“Working with Frances has been a very important part of my life. I have been training with her for the last seven years. She has helped me gain strength and balance in more than just my physical self. She is the person I trust with the training of my body and someone I rely on, enjoying working with, and she has become a friend as well.”

“I started working with Frances 3 years ago and I’ve stayed with her because I’m so happy with the results she helped me achieve. She tailors her recommendations on your individual needs & holds you accountable without any pressure or ego. I’ve never felt so strong or proud of my body, and I truly owe that to Frances!”

“In a few short months Frances’ guidance has helped me transform myself from a person who struggled to walk up stairs to someone who has now completed his first 5K run. Not only do I look better but I also feel better (down 50+ lbs). Frances designed a program that first focused on getting my body back into workout shape before moving into more strenuous routines which was key in helping me to succeed.”

“I enjoy working with Frances and have been training with her for over six years. She first listened to what I wanted to achieve and created the work outs accordingly. She works all of the muscle groups and is always switching up the exercises and techniques of exercising. She listens to my current list of aches and pains and works around them  (if it is a muscle that I over used while gardening) or she creates exercises that strengthen and stretch the problematic area to help eliminate the issue. I am very happy with Frances. We laugh a lot together and I look forward to our sessions.”

“Working out with Frances over 4 years has put me on a totally new path for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to have found a trainer who “gets me” and knows how to push, encourage, and sustain me on this journey. Thanks Frances for being such a hugely significant factor in my health and happiness.”

“Frances is extraordinary in creating a personalized whole health and fitness program. She gets to know ME…She makes me feel like I need to see her—not that I have to or want to…I know that she will take care of me. Also, the results are very quick…she pushes you to levels that you don’t think are possible…Another plus, is she has a large network of physical therapists, massage therapists, people in the general health field. You know you’re in good hands.”

“As year 60 swept over me, I could see my exercise program needed an up-lift. That up-lift came in the form of a personal trainer by the name of Frances, who is confident, professional, knowledgeable, personable, encouraging, joyful, dedicated to form and progress. As I continue working out… my body responds. She always says to me, ‘There’s no old lady here.’

“After 30 years of sedentary life, I started fitness training at age 53, overweight and physically unfit. My fitness objectives were to improve my strength, flexibility and endurance. I have lost 68 pounds and have improved my overall fitness considerably. I could not be happier with Frances – she is an excellent fitness trainer and an intelligent and caring person.”

“She’s great! Even from the first time we worked out together, I have been 90% pain free. That’s huge, since I was in constant pain for two years. She is super fun to work with. We laugh the whole time —except when she’s yelling at me. I really appreciate it!!!!!!”